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  • 02 SEPT

    Congratulations Kali Phillips!!!

    eNcore dance center is pleased to announce that our student, Kali Phillips, will be joining the Children’s Division at The Joffrey Academy of Dance, Official School of the Joffrey Ballet, for the 2017-2018 academic year.

    Kali took her very first ballet classes at Encore when she was seven years old, and has also studied jazz, hip hop and contemporary. For the past two years, she has been part of Bravo, eNcore’s invitation-only program for students who possess a natural ability, passion, and dedication for dance. In 2017 she began supplementing her studies at Encore with ballet classes and summer camp at the Academy. Now marking her fifth year at Encore, she will be in Miss Ellie’s Advanced Jazz class this fall.

    Kali was placed into Ballet IIA within the Joffrey Academy Children’s Division after observation by the Academy Faculty. This intensive classical ballet program requires three days of attendance for a total of five classes per week which include Ballet, Repertoire and Conditioning. Only 30 students are accepted into the Ballet IIA program each year.

    The Academy provides a world-class education built on a foundation of classical ballet to fully prepare students for today’s dance world. It is the official school and only training program of The Joffrey Ballet, the home to the Joffrey Company, “America’s preeminent ballet company.”
  • 01 SEPT

    Welcome Back Miss Rachel!

    The eNcore family would like to welcome back our very own Miss Rachel! The original matriarch of the eNcore family, Miss Rachel left the company to focus on her two little boys, she has returned as an instructor and will be teaching adult Jazz this fall. Miss Rachel has been teaching dance for over 15 years. She received her BFA in Dance from Barat Conservatory of Dance, where she studied under Rory Foster and Eileen Cropley. She continued her dance education, taking workshops with Twyla Tharp and has danced professionally in Chicago and with the Barat Repertory Dance Company.
  • 30 JUL

    Interview with VoyageChicago

    The editorial staff at 'VoyageChicago' contacted eNcore dance center for an interview with our very own Miss Nina. The Chicago news site was working on a series of articles featuring interviews with "Chicagoland's most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent business owners". To say eNcore was flattered would be a major understatement. The article was posted online on August 1st. Have a quick read to learn more about our Artistic Director.
    VoyageChicago Article
  • 30 JUL

    Welcome Lindsay Brown!

    The eNcore family would like to welcome our newest teacher, Miss Lindsay! J. Lindsay Brown completed her MFA at the University of Michigan in 2013. She received her undergraduate degree in Dance from Scripps College in Claremont, California in 2010. Her modern dance-theater company, J. Lindsay Brown Dance, has been active in Chicago since 2013 . Lindsay teaches modern, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, choreography, and improvisation throughout the Chicagoland area. She has worked with many studios and programs, including Hubbard Street, Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble, and North Suburban School of Dance. Her interests include Laban Analysis, somatics, site-specific dance, cross-disciplinary collaboration, student-centered learning, divergent thinking, social development, and dance history. She also plays the cowbell.
  • 17 JUL

    Welcome Back Haley Stueber!

    Our newest instructor is a familiar face. Haley Stueber started her dance career at Encore Dance Center, before pursuing her passion full-time at Alma College in Alma, Michigan. Haley graduated with a BA in dance and an emphasis in choreography. Haley was honored at the school by being the first dance major to choreograph and produce an entire show by herself. While studying many different styles of dance from Hip-Hop to ballet, Haley was teaching her love of the art for over four years. Haley is one of our many former students who now have a career in dance. Welcome home Haley!
  • 14 JUL

    Best of the Best Awards Ceremony!

    The Daily Herald held their awards ceremony for Reader's Choice "Best of the Best" businesses in 2017. eNcore dance center was honored to be recognized as the Reader's Choice "Best Dance Studio" in the Chicago Suburbs. The celebration was a formal affair where local busniesses were honored in many different categories. Our very own Miss Nina was brought on stage to receive an award, flowers, and certificate. While announcing eNcore as the winner, the presenter stated "After opening its doors in 2003 by a mother-daughter duo, Nina Renner became the sole owner in 2016 after being an instructor there for 12 years. Nina re-branded the studio, which included a re-model to reflect a warm, professional, and elegant environment to focus on the art of dance. Accepting the award is owner and instructor Nina Renner."
  • 08 MAY

    Well, Dont You Sparkle!

    Everyone is dying to get their hands on eNcore apparel, but this custom made glitter tee exclusive can only be earned by getting a friend to join our studio. Each glitter t-shirt is hand made to your exact size and since you are getting a friend to join, they get one too! See the ad above for more details.
  • 05 MAY

    eNcore's social challenge!

    eNcore dance center is in love with social media and we want you to show us your love. For a limited time, if you "like" us on FACEBOOK "heart" us on INSTAGRAM AND rate us on YELP you get a free eNcore dance center tote bag!
  • 01 MAY

    Reader's Choice BEST OF THE BEST

    The Daily Herald has announced eNcore dance center as the Reader's Choice BEST OF THE BEST for 2017! Daily Herald's "Best of the Best" brought in 35,000 votes across numerous categories covering the North, South, and West Chicago suburbs. This is such an honor and we would like to thank all of the families that voted for our studio. We have been working very hard to make eNcore a very special place for our students and an inviting place for their families. We are excited to see all of our hard work recognized.
  • 19 NOV

    2016 Winter Showcase

    Each year, select classes perform in eNncore's Winter Showcase. These students are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned throughout the first half of the school year. This intimate and elegant Showcase was sold out, which is a perfect compliment to our dancers and their teachers. We here at Encore would like to thank everyone who attended the showcase and those volunteers who helped us along the way. As always, free high-definition photos and video has been added to our Media Gallery. Go ahead and download some memories today!
  • 24 OCT

    It's Halloween Week!

    It's that time of year when we see ghosts, goblins, princesses, and superheros throughout our studio! Yes, this is halloween week. The one week of the year we encourage our students to attend class in any costume they wish. We celebrate by dancing to halloween music, giving out goodies, and playing a little bit more in class.
  • 24 OCT

    Beauty And The Barre

    Thank you to everyone who participated in Beauty And The Barre! We had a full house of teens and women in the studio taking a traditional Barre class with our very own Miss Anne! Following the class there were light snacks and the opportunity to purchase healthy beauty products from Beauty Counter ( Joanne Schuring, childhood friend of Miss Nina, was the representative who explained the importance of a healthy makeup line in the industy.
  • 28 AUG

    Welcome Back Staff!

    It is hard to believe it has been three months since all of our instructors have been in the same room. Our annual staff meeting generally occurs a week prior to the fall session and it gives us a chance to catch up on our summer excursions, talk about changes in our lives, and most importantly, review what to expect in the upcoming year. For many of our instructors, it was the first oppurtunity they had to see the redesigned studio. It was really heart warming to see their response and be reminded how much support I receive from these ladies. Fall session begins September 6th, so we are in the final stretch to wrap-up all the little odds and ends prior to the start of the dance year. Encore is truly a familiy and we can't wait to see you! ~Miss Nina
  • 06 AUG

    Just in Time for Fall

    Over the last three months, eNcore dance center has been remodeled and given a complete facelift. It has been an intense summer for a few of us, but I could not be more proud of the results. We have relocated to Suite 117 (next door to the old enctrance), have built a new entry way, cubby/changing space, office, and installed brand new wooden barres. We miraculously were able to complete this transformation while our summer session was underway. I would like to big thanks to my husband Scott Renner, his remodeling company "Renner & Renner", my close friend Tom Woods, and my cousin Alex Kowalewski. As the year continues, we will be updating other odds and ends. In addition to the remodeling, eNcore has a number of other secrets up our sleeves that will make eNcore stand out from our competition.
  • 02 AUG

    Giving back to the Community

    Encore Dance Center teamed up with "Flowers for Dreams" at the 2016 Spring recital to donate school supplies to students in need. For every congratulatory bouquet or arrangement sold over $27, "Flowers for Dreams" donated one backpack, filled with a year of school supplies to Chicago Public School students under the poverty level. Following our May recital, total sales enabled the donation of 52 backpacks and over 900 school supplies to 52 students for the coming school year. Our multi-year relationshihp with "Flowers for Dreams" has resulted in the donation of 233 backpacks! We here at Encore would like to thank all of our families for their gratitude!
  • 21 MAY

    Spring Concert Success

    Thanks to everyone for such a successful Spring Concert! We had a packed house and all of our dancer's did such an awesome job. What a exceptional performance by our students and a great way to thank Miss Rachel for 13-years of hard work. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who give so much to making the day a success. We have posted many backstage candid photos in the gallery. They are in full high-definition, so make sure to save your favorites for your digital memory books or print them for your wall. ~Miss Nina
  • 21 MAY

    Leap Fearlessly

    This is a transitional year for Encore and our new logo and motto "leap fearlessly", represents the change we are about to endure. Our desire to go "all in" and give our students and their families everything we have to teach. It is also a reminder for our students to put their hearts and soul into every turn, every kick, and every leap. To leave everything they have on the floor. It represents the passion and dedication required of a professional dancer. It is a reminder to all of us that life is short and we should only pursue those things that make us happy and free.

    Above you can see our new logo and motto script. Designing a logo that represents everything the Encore family stands for was an enjoyable process and we hope you love the result as much as we do. ~Miss Nina
  • 21 MAY

    Time to Get Dirty

    To position Encore for future growth, you will begin to see a number of changes to our appearance, offerings, and operations. To get started, we did a complete analysis of our local competitors in hopes to provide you with the ultimate studio experience at a reasonable cost. It will take approximaely six-months until everything is unveiled, but we are confident it will be worth the time and investment for all of us.

    In addition to an updated logo, digital appearance, and revamped recital experience, we have a number of surprises planned to show our students and their families our appreciation for their business. Our summer dancers will see our studio transformation take place. We will be building an elegant and intimate studio, which will visually represent the family at the heart of Encore. While we may need to struggle with a little dust over the first few weeks of the summer session, the majority of the construction will be completed over summer break and the entire physical transformation will be completed in July.

    Operationally, we will be launching a new management system by early-fall. This online system will allow our customers to manage their account information, view class offerings, see real-time class availability, register online, print billing statements, enter and modify each student's costume measurements, track applied discounts, communicate with Encore staff, and make payments leveraging any personal device. For the studio, it provides our instructors and account managers an efficient tool for attendance and business tracking, which will minimize operation costs and help keep tuition down. You can expect to see an email in late summer explaining all of the benefits of the new system and how you can get started taking advange of its features. ~Miss Nina
  • 20 MAY

    A Word of Thanks

    I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouraging words over the past months. It means the world to me that Rachel offered me the opportunity to carry the Encore legacy into the future. Rachel (and her mom Laura), did an exceptional job launching, growing, and building Encore into a family of instructors, families, and students. I can only hope I am able to continue to make Encore as dynamic and special as Rachel has for the past 13 years. Rachel will remain with Encore in several capacities and you will continue to see her around the studio. I'm looking forward to this new adventure and I'm honored to share it with all of you. ~ Miss Nina
  • 19 MAY

    Encore's Next Chapter

    To the wonderful dancers, parents, families, and friends of Encore Dance Center,

    I have truly enjoyed running Encore Dance Center for the past thirteen years. I've loved watching dancers grow from young girls and boys into beautiful dancers. Watching the dancers mature throughout the years has been a true blessing, and there are so many many memories that I hold dear to my heart. Owning a studio was a dream of mine from a young age and I am so lucky and proud to have the opportunity to do so. I thank each and every one of you for sharing your dancers with me.

    This past year, I have come to realize that I am not in fact Superwoman. When I was younger I believed that I could do anything I set my mind to, but age and wisdom has taught me there is a limit. It has become very difficult for me to find a balance between my family and running Encore. I cannot devote my best to Encore and still have the time and energy left for my husband, my son, and my future son. I worry that if I continue to try to do it all, it is the dancers of Encore that will be short-changed. It is with a sad, heavy heart that I have come to the decision that for the best interest of Encore I will be stepping down as Director of Encore Dance Center. I am so very honored and joyful to announce that Nina Renner, my good friend and Encore faculty member of over ten years, will be taking over as Owner and Artistic Director. Along with her drive and ambition, Nina has some great plans for adding to the already stellar curriculum Encore offers. We are excited for Encore's future and our wonderful faculty members plan on continuing this summer and returning this fall to continue to teach under her direction.

    Please know that I have not come to this decision lightly, nor will I disappear never to be seen again. I will still be a part of the Encore family. I plan to teach classes after a maternity leave, as well as assist Nina throughout the next year as she starts Encore's newest chapter. I look forward to watching Encore continue to grow and seeing your dancers develop into beautiful dancers and mature adults over the many years to come.

    Thank you for all of your treasured support and fond memories these past thirteen years, ~ Miss Rachel